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We are the Resistance

The Resistance defends against those who would use the power of XM to exploit mankind. Whether this is from the subtle influence of the otherworldly shapers, the cult of Jarvis or ADA's technological schemes, we are here to protect and preserve mankind. It's happening all around you. They aren't coming. They're already here.

We are SFLR: South Florida Resistance. From Key West to Vero. We are a community of Resistance players whose goal is to bring together Resistance agents. Ingress is a game that is best played with others...the greatest achievements are achieved as a team.


The world around you is not what it seems.

Ingress is best explained as a global game of capture the flag. Being GPS location based, you really do need to get out and walk. The two teams involved in the game, The Resistance (aka Smurfs/want to defend mankind from sketchy alien invasion) and The Englightened (aka Frogs/like aliens, want to be their friends) battle for control of Portals placed around the world through the use of an XM Scanner (Ingress app on Android and iOS). Starting back in November, 2012, Ingress has grown to become part of the lives of hundreds of thousands of agents worldwide.

It's all about the apps

The COMM feature within the Ingress app can be used to chat amongst ourselves and members of the other team but it is not a secure or effective method. Instead, we chat and collaborate with team members using Slack and Hangouts.

Ready to join?

Just a few hoops to jump through.

1. Complete the South Florida Resistance New Player Form

2. Once your form has been reviewed, you will receive a COMM message within the Ingress scanner from one of the moderators listed below. Be sure to @tag the moderator agent when responding, and be sure to use the Faction tab to keep the message private to Resistance agents only.

3. The final step is that you will receive an email invitation to join SFLR Slack. Follow the instructions in the email and before you know it, you'll be a welcome new piece of our community.

Out of Area Visitors

Just visiting? No problem, complete the same form and check the box for Visiting!

South Florida Resistance Moderators Team


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Broward County

Tips n Tricks to get you started

There is a lot to learn before everything will start making sense. While you'll likely pick up a lot through just playing and figuring it out, take a look at these tips to save yourself some time and make sure you capture the important details.

  • Hack everything! You get items (and AP from enemy portals) from hacking and those items will help you level.
  • Use the Intel Map www.ingress.com/intel to plan before you head out to play.
  • Try to fully deploy on a portal. You get a bonus for capturing the portal, but will get another when you fully power it by placing the last resonator on it. Now you can link from the portal too!
  • Make small fields! A field is when you link together 3 fully powered portals into a triangle. It doesn’t matter how large, all fields are worth the same amount of AP!
  • Avoid spam links (aka Swacky links)! A long link to nowhere doesn’t give you a benefit and will likely interfere with your teammates' ability to make their own links and fields.
  • Do not get discouraged when your portals get destroyed. This is actually a good thing since you get to build them back up again!
  • Ask questions! All of us have them regarding strategy, best practices, gameplay, etiquette etc.

Earning Points, Leveling Up

Leveling up allows you to use stronger weapons, deploy more resistant resonators and hold more XM in the tank. Levels 1 through 8 are all about the AP.

Action AP
Hack a portal (Enemy) 100
Hack a portal (Neutral or Own Faction) 0
Recharge a Resonator 10
Deploy a new resonator 125
Upgrade your own resonator 0
Upgrade a resonator (not your own) 65
Capture a portal 500
Deploy the 8th resonator on a portal 250
Establish a link 313
Establish a control field 1250
Deploy a portal mod 125
Destroy a resonator 75
Destroy a link 187
Destroy a control field 750

Level Up Requirements

Level AP Needed Badges Needed
1 0 -
2 2,500 -
3 20,000 -
4 70,000 -
5 150,000 -
6 300,000 -
7 600,000 -
8 1,200,000 -
9 2,400,000 4 silver + 1 gold
10 4,000,000 5 silver + 2 gold
11 6,000,000 6 silver + 4 gold
12 8,400,000 7 silver + 6 gold
13 12,000,000 7 Gold + 1 Platinum
14 17,000,000 7 Gold + 2 Platinum
15 24,000,000 7 Gold + 3 Platinum
16 40,000,000 7 Gold + 4 Platinum + 2 Onyx


Access your agent stats from within your scanner (hit the symbol in the top left) and you will see the badges available for you to work towards. Tapping on a badge will show you how far you have to go before reaching the next flavor of that badge. Badges are needed for being promoted to levels 9 and above.


Missions, accessible through Ops - Missions in the scanner, were introduced in the fall of 2014. While no AP is gained from completing Missions, you do get both bragging rights and a special Mission medal for each one you complete. Those level 9 and above can submit new Missions here. If you have any questions about creating Missions, hit up the helpful folks in the Slack #missions channel.

Regional Cell Scoring

In this global battle, there is only one area in which either team can actually claim to be winning. Every time you log on to the scanner, you see a huge number each for Resistance and Enlightened. Those are the global MU count scores. As well as those global scores, the entire world is split into Regional Cells with local scoring. To see which cell you are in follow Ops - Intel - Regional Scores.

The scoring is divided into Checkpoints (every 5 hours) and Cycles (every 35 Checkpoints, 175 hours).

At the end of each Checkpoint, all MU from every currently standing field in the cell is added together. The large scores shown are an average of each Checkpoint's score for each team.

Every time a field is made, the MU shown in the scanner goes towards your personal total for the Cycle and determines your position in the See Other Agents list.


Anomalies are periods of unusually high XM concentration where players from both factions compete to control clusters of portals in order to win points for their team. Anomalies usually occur over the course of several weeks, with different events located in major cities around the world. Anomaly sites are divided into two categories: Primary and Satellite locations. Niantic Labs employees, as well as characters from the Ingress story, often attend events at Primary anomaly locations. The outcome of XM Anomalies often influence future events in the Ingress backstory.

#Recursion Anomaly, Miami FL, Feb 2014

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